Profil Porte

In many years of experience lived through the most significant moments of our time, PROFIL PORTE has maintained over time some constant and fundamental principles, such as the use of natural woods, artisan manual skill, but it uses advanced technologies in manufacturing processes.

PROFIL PORTE loves wood. Real wood. And it loves to work it.

The company is specializes in the production of honeycomb panels and diamond panels made in the most varied essences, to be supplied to large and small producers, resale warehouses and carpenters.

It offers a wide range of semi-finished products, from the veneer door panel complete with glazing beads and panels, pantographed panels, laminate or HPL laminate door panels.
It represents a point of reference for those who prefer to have a single interlocutor able to offer the wide range of semi-finished products.

La PROFIL PORTE stands out for its research and attention to detail, always in line with market trends. Having a very flexible production organization and using specialized staff with years of experience, it is ready to adapt measures and solutions to meet the needs of the most advanced habitats, boasting a remarkable speed of production always respecting and paying attention to quality.

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